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For aeronautics and related security companies, who need on-time delivery of European standard fasteners sourced from a fully verified supply chain, Satinox Fasterners is a highly experienced distributor with deep European standard expertise and its own compliance verification lab.

With this unique combination of specific expertise and an in-house lab, Satinox is the only supplier to leading aerospace, security and other highly demanding industries that can verify and turn around orders ensuring that every piece delivered is a fully compliant fastener product for European avionics and security systems, and do this within an extremely tight window.

What makes us different?

Our own in-house lab
Although we are a small company, we have ou own fully-equipped lab.
Any solutions at hand!
4 decades of European expertise
Secure your supply chain with us!
We are very fast, flexible and nimble.
Offering services that raise your business!
We can supply even the smallest quantity.

Your Needs, our Mission

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE Getting fast delivery of European standard fasteners, at the right price point, even in small quantities.

SATINOX SOLUTION Distributing European standard fasteners for aerospace, defense and related industries, with OTD even for hard-to-find products in any quantity – from just a few to thousands, all fully qualified in our own labs.

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